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Upcoming Tales Merchandise May Edition

XilliaGracesVesperia by Alex

This month in Upcoming Tales Merchandise we’ve got a new set of Petit Chara Land Tales figures to show you, as well as a few Tales carabiners, and a bunch of character themed nail files.

Releasing in September, the new Petit Chara Land Tales box from MegaHouse, includes figures of Ludger, Elle, Yuri, Flynn, Kyle, Reala, and Jude. Like other box sets of this kind, six figures are included in a single box, but they are randomly assorted. One box will cost 6,600 yen.

Cospa is crafting three new carabiners for the Tales series. These 1,260 yen carabiners come in Leon Magnus, Yuri Lowell, and Luke fon Fabre varieties, and will be out this July.
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Finally, manufacturer ACG is coming out with 12 Tales nail files in June. On each nail file is an illustration of a Tales character. Nail files can be purchased of various male Tales characters from Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces, Tales of Xillia, and Tales of Xillia 2. Each file will cost 1,500 yen.
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