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Upcoming Tales Merchandise April Edition

XilliaVesperia by Alex

This month in Tales Merchandise, get the details on a couple new products from Alter now available for pre-order. We have new photos of the now in-color Estelle statue, as well as some information about the upcoming Milla Maxwell plushie.

Estelle is the newest in Alter’s Tales of line of figures. In this statue, Estelle stands on one-footed on a rock, wielding a rod and staff. Including the rock base, Estelle stands 200mm tall (7.87 inches). Like previous Alter statues in the Tales of series, a miniature statue of Estelle is also included. This statue is currently scheduled to be released in September, with a suggested retail price of ¥8400 ($85).
FIG-MOE-9256_es01 FIG-MOE-9256_es07 FIG-MOE-9256_es13
Amiami, Hobby Search

Tales of Xillia is also getting some love from Alter, with their new Milla Maxwell plushie. This plushie, also approximately 200mm tall, will be coming out in July. This fluffy interpretation will only cost ¥3200 ($32).
Amiami, Hobby Search

Just this week, Alter’s Jude Mathis statue was released, so those who ordered it should be getting notified soon. Raven on the other hand is still available for pre-order, and can be found on the following online stores: Amiami, Play-Asia, Hobby Search

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