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Upcoming Tales Merchandise

XilliaVesperia by Alex

Love Tales? Love Tales merchandise? Well look no further, we’ve got news about the latest Tales products coming out right here!

From Alter we have three, count ‘em three, upcoming Tales figures! All three figures are 1/8 scale and are due out this year.

First up is Jude Mathis, one of the dual protagonists from Tales of Xillia. Jude is coming out in late March. This figure features the medical student striking out with his fist while smiling.

jude1_2 jude4_2

Next we have Raven from Tales of Vesperia. Raven is set to release in June. With one hand on his blade and the other holding his bow, Raven is ready for foes even while relaxing. Included with the figure is an additional face and hairstyle, as well as a bonus mini Raven figure.

Raven_fig1 Raven_fig2

Also from Tales of Vesperia, an Estelle figure will be coming out sometime in 2013. Here is your first look at a prototype of the statue. Estelle also includes a bonus miniature figure.


If you like your Tales characters with larger heads and smaller bodies, we’ve got a few more products to share with you.

MegaHouse is producing a set of petite Tales Petit figures. The set includes Luke fon Fabre w/ short hair, Luke w/ long hair, Milla Maxwell, Yuri Lowell, Leon Magnus, Rutee Katrea, as well as a secret 7th figure. These characters can be ordered in a box of 10 randomly assorted figures from the above list. This set will be released in late March.


Let your favorite characters follow you everywhere you go with Kotobukiya’s new collection of Tales of Xillia 2 rubber straps for your keychain. The set includes: Ludger Kresnik, Elle w/ Lulu the cat, Jude Mathis, Alvin, Leia Rolando, Elize w/ Tippo, Rowen Ilbert, Musee, Gaius, and a secret strap. As with the petit figures, the rubber straps are randomly assorted in a box of 10, and will also be available in late March.


In May, Movic is releasing two “Trading Mascot” boxes. One contains eight randomly assorted Tales of Xillia characters with a bonus Gaius figure. The other consists of various randomly assorted Tales characters wearing school uniforms. A bonus Hubert in school garb is included with every box.

FIG-COL-5084 FIG-COL-5085
Amiami, Amiami

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