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Tales Union Closing Down

by Shawn

You may have noticed as of late, there hasn't been much posting in terms of news on Tales Union.

Since the site's inception (even before the Tales Union rebranding), I was the main poster of headlines on the website. Due to real-life duties and taking on a greater backend management role on the Gaming Union Network, I had to refocus my duties which had the posting switch over to other staff members.

Due to scheduling and other real-life duties with myself and the other staff members, there hasn't been enough time to properly focus on the website with the recent uptick in terms of news and content being announced of for the series. Because of this, myself and the other senior members of the network have decided to put Tales Union into a hibernation-like state. We expect the site to still remain up for the near future and we'll inform you if there's any changes to that decision.

It's been a wild past six or so years for the website. I'd like to thank the visitors who kept visiting the site over the years. We couldn't have stayed up as long as we did without your help. :)

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