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Tales of Xillia Sells Over 500,000+ Copies In Its First Week

XilliaPS3 by Shawn

Tales of Xillia has been on sale for almost a week now since it's September 8th release, which means one thing: sales figures have been released. And Namco Bandai should be pleased --- the game sold over 500k in sales in its first week alone.

Tales of Xillia will utilize the contrast between light and shadow, which will lead to the game having a different art style direction than Vesperia's anime-style graphics or Graces's watercolor-style graphics (it could be more of a hand-painted or oil painting-like feel if the concept artwork is any indication). Baba stated that when he saw some of the concept artwork images running on actual hardware he was very impressed.

According to the chart Tales of Xillia was the best-selling game last week with 525,605 copies sold. These figures put just shy of the overall sales of the other pre-HD port titles such as Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Eternia. It remains to be seen how the sales will hold up but for first week sales it's a great achievement for the company.

Tales of Xillia was released back on September 8 in Japan exclusively on the PS3. No word has been given on a North American or European release.

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