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Tales of Xillia Combat Preview Part 1

XilliaPS3 by Alex

The RPG genre is filled with games that attempt to approach combat in new and interesting ways. Throughout the years, the Tales series has consistently created many of these unique battle systems. Tales of Xillia, releasing this summer in the US and EU is no exception. Today we’d like to give you a preview of the new system introduced in Tales of Xillia.

Tales of Xillia tells the story of Jude Mathis, an intelligent medical student studying at the hospital in the metropolitan city of Fennmont, and Milla Maxwell, a mysterious woman who is capable of summoning all types of elemental sprits. Players will be able to choose either of the two protagonists when they begin adventuring through the world of Rieze Maxia, a land where humans and spirits live together in peace. Together with the help of a diverse cast of characters, Jude and Milla's paths intersect as they set off on a quest to stop the kingdom of Rashugal from draining the world of all of its mana.

The battle system found in Tales of Xillia is known as the Dual Raid Linear Motion Battle System. Like recent Tales games, it allows the player to actively control the character in a 3D space, guard, jump, and perform basic attacks, powerful Artes and devastating Mystic Artes. Characters are tied to the same plane as their target, but can break off that plane while holding L2. Similar to the recent Tales of Graces F, Tales of Xillia utilizes a resource called Assault Counter (AC) points to determine how many attacks in a row a character can perform. In addition to AC, Artes require a certain amount of Technical Points (TP) to execute. This may seem familiar so far, but you’ll soon discover that the soul of the combat lies in the new Link Mode partner system.


In battle, by pressing a direction on the D-pad (other than up), the playable character is able to link with another character in the party. A blue or green line will connect the two characters, and an aura of that color will surround their portraits at the bottom of the screen. When linked, you will be able to attack enemies with your partner to perform partner attacks, as well as powerful Link Artes, and your partner will gain access to support skills. To start with, let’s look at partner attacks.

A partner attack takes place when the player and their partner are attacking the same enemy at the same time with standard attacks. When a partner attack is performed, the two characters will do a special attack together, and you will gain a bit of Overlimit (OVL) meter. Partner attacks are the key to gaining OVL meter, as well as effectively controlling enemies in battle.

Jude performs a few partner attacks with Milla shortly after the 15 second mark of this most recent gameplay footage.

When using certain directional standard attacks, the partner attacks will also change in effect. Some may take the opponents into the air, while others may knock them into the ground. Partner attacks can also cross-up the enemy, readying you to assault their backside. Partner attacks happen automatically and are more dependent on what action your partner is taking than your own. If your partner is not attacking the same enemy as you, it is impossible to perform one.

Look forward to part 2 of our combat preview, where we describe Link Artes, Overlimit, and Mystic Artes! Tales of Xillia will be released in North America and Europe this summer.

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