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Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Releases This Week

PS3 by Alex

10 years after its initial western release, Tales of Symphonia is once again making its way out of Japan. The high definition collection of the original game and its sequel will be out tomorrow for the Playstation 3 in North America, and on Friday in Europe and Australasia. We’ve got a few new character trailers, a release trailer, and unboxing videos of the collector’s editions to show you before then.

Following the character introduction videos for Lloyd, Colette, and Kratos, Namco Bandai has also uploaded intros for Zelos, Presea, and Regal. These intros feature the Japanese voice track, though an English one is available in-game as well.

Those who have ordered the collector’s edition in either region can check out what they will be getting in the following videos.



Finally, no game launch would be complete without a launch trailer, so feast your eyes on Tales of Symphonia’s Hope trailer below.

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