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Tales of Innocence R Budget Release

by Alex

Tales of Innocence R, originally released in Japan, in January of 2012, will be getting a budget re-release on April 25. This makes Tales of Innocence R one of the first eight titles to get a value release for the Playstation Vita in Japan.

Tales of Innocence R is a re-imagined version of the original DS game. It tells of story of a boy named Ruca Milda who one day discovers he has special powers. The Regnum Empire is looking to capture these gifted people, so Ruca soon finds himself on the run. This new version features a revised game theme, a new battle system and a new gameplay system alongside a new opening movie.

Last week Tales Producer Hideo Baba told that Namco Bandai currently has no plans to release the Vita titles in North America. While that may sound bleak, plans can change in the future. At the moment however, this new budget release of Tales of Innocence R is the cheapest option for fans.


While the original release sold for 5,980 yen ($60), the budget release will cost 3,570 yen ($36). The game can be purchased at the following websites: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amiami.

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SOURCE: Stardustsdiary Blog
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