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Tales Of Hearts R's Soma Build System Detailed

by Shawn

For those who played the original Nintendo DS version of Tales of Hearts, you might remember the Soma Build system. Forget everything you remember about that system, however, as Namco Bandai is completely revamping it in the new Vita remake.

Tales of Hearts R, like Tales of Innocence R, is a re-imagining of its source material but this time in a fully 3D-based world. The battle system now takes place in 3D, although a new "chase link" system has been implemented which keeps the aerial attack mechanics from the original Nintendo DS version intact as players can chase after enemies when they are launched into the air.

As you level up the characters they earn Soma Build Points which can be allotted to Spir Parameters and increase their stats. The somas can also be evolved to further the character's development and modified into different forms, although the exact methods of which to do so weren't revealed.

The scans also show off the new cut-ins for Kohak and Hisui, which are tied to the Mystic Artes they already had from the Nintendo DS version. In addition, some of the new animated cutscenes from Production I.G. are sprinkled through the scan.

Tales of Hearts R will be released on March 7 in Japan. No word on an North American or European release has been announced.

Tales Of Hearts R's Soma Build System DetailedTales Of Hearts R's Soma Build System Detailed (2)

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