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Tales of Hearts R Winter Release Announced

by Alex

After rumors of its western debut, a Tales of Hearts R English release was officially confirmed by Tales Producer Hideo Baba today. Previously, Baba said that Bandai Namco had no plans to release the Playstation Vita titles, but after hearing requests from fans found a way to make it happen. A Twitter poll done by Sony’s Shahid Ahmad last year may be part of the reason why. Through the poll he sought to determine what Vita JRPGs fans most wanted to see localized. The poll ended with “Tales,” “Innocence” and “Hearts” being the most common responses.

Tales of Hearts R is a remake of the original DS game for the Playstation Vita. It alters the battle system significantly, changing from being set entirely on a 2D plane to a system that allows for partial 3D movement. The remake also includes a graphical overhaul, as well as new playable characters. Look for it this winter.

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