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Tales of Graces f Unveils Website With Two New Videos

Graces fPS3 by Shawn

Since the initial reveal of Tales of Graces f late last month, the official website for the game was only a teaser site with the game's official logo and some music playing in the background. Namco Bandai has finally properly unveiled the website, and it includes some new character videos.

Tales of Graces f (the f stands for "future") has an extra post-game story which takes place after the game's original ending. Without spoiling anything, there seems to be an increase in the monster population, which increases the amount of monster attacks around the world. This causes Asbel and his group to set off once again to determine the cause behind the recent disturbance.

There doesn't seem to be anything new in the videos, but it does give a better look at the improved in-game graphics which we've only seen in motion in the game's first trailer.

Tales of Graces f is set for a Winter 2010 release in Japan on the PS3. No release date for either the Wii or PS3 version in North America or Europe.

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