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Tales of Graces F Coming To PSN And More Tales On The Way

Graces fXilliaPS3 by Eric

Executive producer of the Tales series Hideo Baba has announced that Tales of Graces F will be available for digital download from the Playstation Network starting on March 26. On top of that there will be two versions of the game: the Standard Edition for $34.99 and the Knight Edition (which includes 10 DLC items) for $54.99.

Tales of Graces f (the f stands for "future") has an extra post-game story which takes place after the game's original ending. Without spoiling anything, there seems to be an increase in the monster population, which increases the amount of monster attacks around the world. This causes Asbel and his group to set off once again to determine the cause behind the recent disturbance.

After a personal thank you to the tales fanbase, Hideo Baba continued with a conformation that Tales of Xillia will be coming to North America and Europe this summer (still no release date though). After that he asked for the fans’ continued support because he plans on making this a Tales of filled year. So stay tuned because there are a lot of surprise Tales announcements lined up for the future.

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