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Regal and Raine Become Graceful With New Costumes

PS3 by Alex

Tales of Symphonia Chronicle’s two newest cameo costumes come to us from Tales of Graces. Regal will be getting Malik Caesar’s clothes, while Raine will get Pascal’s. As with the other cameo costumes, these can be unlocked either by completing the game, or by having a Tales of Graces f save file.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is a high definition remake of both Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World for the Playstation 3. In addition to an improved resolution, the game will also feature new Mystic Arte cut-ins, plus new cameo costumes in the original Tales of Symphonia. In Dawn of the New World, players can look forward to the head attachments, and gallery mode previously exclusive to the European Wii release of the game.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will be released in Japan this year on October 10, and early 2014 in North America and Europe.


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