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Prepare for the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Japanese Release With These New Trailers

PS3 by Alex

This Thursday, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will be released in Japan. While we eagerly wait, let’s get caught up on some of the most recent trailers. Read on to see Richter Abend, Regal Bryant, and Raine Sage’s character trailers, as well as the game’s second full trailer.

Like previous character trailers, Regal and Raine’s feature a couple of dialogue sequences followed by some battle sequences showing off their new Mystic Arte cut-ins and their new cameo costumes. In contrast, Richter’s trailer only shows dialogue sequences. Last of all, the second full Tales of Symphonia Chronicles trailer gives a glimpse at various parts of both games included in the compilation.

Regal Character Trailer:

Raine Character Trailer:

Richter Character Trailer:

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Trailer 2:

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will be released in Japan this year on October 10, and early 2014 in North America and Europe.

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