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New Videos Featuring Mystic Artes and Cameo Fights

by Eric

The official Tales of Hearts R site has uploaded new videos of Galando showing his battle prowess with his mystic artes. There is also some new footage of the of the Tales of Graces cameo battles in the coliseum.

Tales of Hearts R, like Tales of Innocence R, is a re-imagining of its source material but this time in a fully 3D-based world. The battle system now takes place in 3D, although a new "chase link" system has been implemented which keeps the aerial attack mechanics from the original Nintendo DS version intact as players can chase after enemies when they are launched into the air.

The first mystic arte is Galando’s solo attack while the second one features his dual mystic arte with Innes. The video of the Tales of Graces cameo features Pascal and Hubert fighting in the arena. To add to the Toro Station collaboration they are wearing Toro and Kuro costumes, and Toro and Kuro attachments can be won if you beat them in the arena.

Tales of Hearts R will be released on March 7 in Japan. No word on an North American or European release has been announced.

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