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New Tales of Hearts R Live Gameplay Demonstration

by Alex

With just over a week to go until Tales of Hearts R comes out in Japan, Namco Bandai has released a live 13 minute demo. During the gameplay demo various sections of the game are shown.

Tales of Hearts R, like Tales of Innocence R, is a re-imagining of its source material but this time in a fully 3D-based world. The battle system now takes place in 3D, although a new "chase link" system has been implemented which keeps the aerial attack mechanics from the original Nintendo DS version intact as players can chase after enemies when they are launched into the air.

The first part of the video details Shing's first meeting with Kohaku. Story sequences, animated cutscenes, and skits are all voiced. Shortly after meeting they head into the forest where they run into Kohaku’s brother Hisui, ending this segment of the demo. Next we are shown a section of the game on the world map. After walking a few steps, a random encounter initiates, and combat begins. During battle, the player is able to touch a character's icon to have them perform a specific art. For example, touching Kohaku's portrait causes her to cast heal. The final segment of the video shows off Tales of Hearts R Infinite Evolve, a 2D action RPG included with first print copies of the game.

Tales of Hearts R will be released on March 7 in Japan. No word on a North American or European release has been announced.

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SOURCE: Gematsu
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