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New Dezel Tales of Zestiria Details Via Famitsu

PS3 by Melissa

Following the announcement on the new pendulum wielding character Dezel for Tales of Zestiria Famitsu Magazine revealed more details on this mysterious figure. Check out the screenshots below fo more details on his appearance.

Dezel is a Divine with an isolated nature who rarely shows his emotions and doesn't communicate much with others. Within him, he hides a fury when his friend was taken from him. He hides himself in the shadows of human society in order to find the culprit and avenge his friend. Despite being driven by such hatred, he is unaffected by it and hasn't fallen victim to impurity.

In the world of Tales of Zestiria, those with impure and criminal thoughts bring forth the monsters in the game. Dezel, however, does not bring forth this misfortune despite his motives. This could be because he is a special kind of Divine, or something entirely different.

We also got some new details on the new battle system included in Tales Of Zestiria. It is going to be called Fusionic Chain Linear Motion Battle System. Many of the details have yet to be confirmed in full about this but it’s pretty clear at the moment how much this battle system has many similarities to Tales Of Graces F’s system. In addition we also have a new trailer for the game this weekend.

Tales of Zestiria is set to release on PS3 later this year in Japan and in 2015 for the West.


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