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Namco Planning Something Cool For Tales Fans Next Week

Graces fPS3 by Shawn

Earlier this month, Namco Bandai's European branch stated that they had "great plans" in store for the Tales series in 2011. It appears that the North American branch is going to start things off with some sort of reveal next week, according to a new tweet from Namco Bandai's community manager, Richard Bantegui. The tweet states:

Hi #Tales fans! Stay tuned next week for a really cool read* Can't say much but Tales fans will be really excited ~

The link at the end of the tweet links to the official Facebook fan page for the Tales series, so it's clear that this new will be Tales related (some might remember earlier when a tweet update turned out to be for another series entirely).

Whether this is a teaser trailer, a release date or the game's platform(s) or a combination of any of the above remains to be seen. The company has been putting out a number of trailers recently, and even hid Ridge Racer: Unbounded's next teaser trailer release date in their latest trailer for the game, so who knows what we'll have in store next week.

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SOURCE: Twitter
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