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More Details On Tales of Hears R Link Edition, Demo, and Pre-Order Bonuses

by Melissa

Tales of Hearts R will be getting a limited edition version called the Link Edition and it includes a bunch of neat accessories for your Vita. It comes with the Tales of Hearts R Quest Clock app code, a pouch, a cloth, a cradle, a cradle face cover, and a protection film. All of these will be customized with the games logo or artwork. The Link Edition will run for 9,980 yen ($120).

Tales of Hearts R, like Tales of Innocence R, is a re-imagining of its source material but this time in a fully 3D-based world. The battle system now takes place in 3D, although a new "chase link" system has been implemented which keeps the aerial attack mechanics from the original Nintendo DS version intact as players can chase after enemies when they are launched into the air.

Japanese fans will have a chance to play the demo on December 25th and there are some added bonuses with it that can be used in the full game. Players will get swimsuit costumes for Shing, Hisui, Galando, and Beryl. An addition having a save from Tales of Innocence R on the same memory card will earn you the Demon Fang skill for Shing, as well as a Coda head attachment that can be used in Hearts R.

The main pre-order bonus that will be available for Tales of Hearts R is the download code for Tales of Hearts R - Infinite Evolve. It will feature 2D graphics that resemble the original format of Tales of Hearts on DS. It is an original story with Shing and Kohak as the main protagonists. Characters from previos Tales games such as Lloyd, Jade, Yuri and Stahn will be able to team up with the pair from Hearts. In addition some in-game items will be handed out with the pre-order of Hearts R as well. They include; A Tales of Kizna special card, Tales of Card Evolve special card, Tales of the World: Dice Adventure special item.

Tales of Hearts R will be released on March 7 in Japan. No word on an North American or European release has been announced.


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