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Cosplay of The Week: Milla Maxwell

Cosplay by Melissa

Cosplay of the week is back and to celebrate the return of our weekly community feature we have a cosplayer from Tales of Xillia, the next Tales title to release in the west early this August.

Milla Maxwell is the star of this week's feature, who is cosplayed by GS-Force. We sat down and asked her to describe the features in Milla's design that stood out to her and the materials she needed to use to make her costume for Xillia's leading lady.

"When I first saw Milla's main outfit, I was instantly drawn to it. The colors, the semi-armored look, that hair! I couldn't resist. And with any Tales game come the optional outfits. So I surfed for footage from the game and wound up coming across her Ayumi Hamasaki inspired out and instantly fell in love. Who doesn't want to dress up as a bunny?"

"Both costumes are made out of only fabric and craft foam if you can imagine! (Minus the sword, that was made out of wood!) I was able to get all of my materials from JoAnn's, so there was nothing particularly fancy that I used to get her costume done. I did get to work with sequin fabric though for Milla's bunny top. That fabric is a bit tricky to work with! In Milla's regular outfit I did end up using a lot of interfacing and top stitching to make her arm armor look sturdy. So it was more of combining techniques to create the final look. For her sword I did get to use a Routing Table, that was a fun experience!"

Milla Maxwell by GS-Force Daisho Con 2012 Tales of Xillia Cosplay

Photography by WhiteDesertSun

If you have a recommendation for the next edition of Cosplay of The Week feel free to let us know!

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