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Blast Caliber

Tales of Destiny

A Different Take On An Old Favorite

In the original PlayStation version, Mystic Artes did not exist, instead providing each character with a few Artes that had a "flash" effect when used prior to their execution (which were classified as Arcane Artes).

New and Improved
These attacks would become the basis for the Blast Calibers in the PlayStation 2 remake. They are obtained either through reaching specific levels or in-game events. They are activated by pressing L1 if the character's Blast Gauge is filled to at least one level and having an enemy staggered by a normal attack or an Arte.

There are three levels to the Blast Gauge, and each level allows the character to execute a stronger Blast Caliber. All of the Swordian Masters except Leon Magnus have a Blast Caliber that requires a Lv3 Blast Gauge, which was given to him in the Director's Cut version of the game.

A Slight Issue With the System
Due to the level system, characters would only execute a Blast Caliber according to the current level of the Blast Gauge, so if a player wanted to use a weaker Blast Caliber they would have to lower the gauge.

Enemies Get to Have Fun Too
As is typical for games in the Tales of series, the final boss in Tales of Destiny will retaliate when specific Blast Calibers are used against it, with more being added in the Director's Cut version of the game.

Tales of Graces

First Time In 3D

Unlike Tales of Destiny's version of the ability, Tales of Graces allowed the player to execute the attacks more more precisely during battle. As the player fights well (i.e. performing combos on the enemy, evading attacks), the blue Arles Gauge will rise, and when it fills completely, the player enters Arles Rise. In this mode the gauge is replaced with a Blast Caliber gauge which fills up as attacks are performed. Up to three levels of the gauge can be stocked up, with each level referring to each character's Blast Caliber levels. After staggering the enemy, the player can execute a Blast Caliber, with its level depending on how high the gauge was.

Not Just During Rise
Blast Calibers can also be used outside of battle by scoring specific numbers of combos: 25 for Level 1, 50 for Level 2, 30 for Level 3. Blast Calibers performed in this method can only be used once per level per battle, no matter the character, except for Richard who only has one and Sophie who uses hers in a homage to Farah Oersted's use of the same attack.

The Enemy Can Use It Too
The opposing system to Arles Rise, Arles Break, is available for enemies, which is increase as the player takes damage. This only applies to specific boss-level enemies and only occurs when the enemy successfully staggers the character. The level of the attack, just as with the character, depends on how high the gauge was.