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Tales of Graces

Playable Character / Heroine

Asbel and Hubert both first encounter Sophie as she is sleeping in the flower garden on Lhant Hill. When Asbel calls out to her she awakens to the surprise of both boys. The two soon discover that she has amnesia after she nearly walks off a cliff following a butterfly and is unable to tell them her name. Asbel names her Sophie after the flowers she was found near.

The Group's Savior
As Asbel's group is wandering around in the underground cavern underneath Windol, a monster strikes and knocks everyone unconscious except for Asbel. After Asbel recklessly tries attacking the monster Sophie intervenes and saves him, but the monster attacks from behind and stabs her in the back. Instead of blood releasing from the wound, she releases energy, and she runs towards the monster in a bright flash and disappears.