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Luke fon Fabre

About the Character

Luke fon Fabre is the main protagonist of Tales of the Abyss. He is 17 years old at the start of the game. He enjoys practicing swordsmanship with his teacher Van Grants. Luke is very selfish and ignorant at the beginning of the games, which causes problems in how he gets along with the other main characters.

Tales of the Abyss

Playable Character / Main Protagonist

As Tales of the Abyss begins, we are introduced to Luke fon Fabre, son of Duke and Duchess fon Fabre, who lives in Fabre manor in Batical, the capital of the kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear. Seven years prior to the events of the game, Luke was kidnapped by the Malkuth Empire, an experience which caused him to lose his memory of everyone and everything he had known up to that point.

Since the incident he has been confined to the manor, ignorant of the world around him. The only company he had was with those around him, most notably his teacher Van Grants and his best friend Guy Cecil. Ever since his kidnapping Luke would occasionally experience short painful headaches that caused him to hear voices which his family assumed were linked to the kidnapping.

The Beginning of an Adventure
Luke finds out that his mentor Van Grants is leaving on official duty and asks him to hold one last training session. While the two are training, a young woman infiltrates the Fabre manor using a fonic hymn that puts everyone in the manor to sleep. As she attempts to assassinate Van Luke intervenes causing a isofon-induced hyperressonace. This hyperressonace warps the two away to Tataroo Valley, located in the territory of the Malkuth Empire, Kimlasca-Lanvaldear's opposing empire.

After Luke and Tear regain consciousness, they introduce themselves to one another. Knowing that Luke has little knowledge of the world outside the capital, Tear acts as his guide until she can take him back home. After exiting Tataroo Valley, the two arrive in the farming village of Engeve. It is there where they meet Malkuth Colonel Jade Curtiss and Fon Master Guardian Anise Tatlin of Daath. Soon after it is revealed that they are taking Ion to the Baticul in an effort to prevent Kimlasca from going to war with the Malkuth.

After hearing about a rumor of Cheagles stealing food from the town, Luke and Tear go to investigate, and run into Ion who joins them. After finding out that the Ligers are forcing the Cheagles to go outside their natural habitat for food they end up killing the Liger Queen. Shortly after Jade shows up and takes them aboard the Tartarus, a Malkuth landship. After Jade learns of the circumstances behind Luke's journey, Luke tells Jade and Ion that he will help them obtain an audience with his uncle King Ingobert VI of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear. The Tartarus is then attacked and seized by the six God-Generals of the Order of Lorelei. Luke's best friend Guy Cecil appears and saves Luke and company from Legretta and Arietta, two of Van's God-Generals.

After the party reaches Baticul they learn that Van has been arrested. Luke talks with Van who assures him the Score states that he will be become a hero, which Luke fully buys into. Luke is sent as an emissary to the mining town of Akzeriuth, which just recently suffered an earthquake and is being filled with a toxic substance known as miasma. Unbeknown to everyone but Van, the town is on top of a Sephiroth, a structure which holds the land above the ground. Van tricks Luke into destroying this structure by telling him that it will clear the miasma from the town. As a result of Luke's foolish trust in Van, the Sephiroth is destroyed causing the entire city to fall into the Qliphoth.

A New Luke Emerges
After the fall of Akzeriuth the entire party puts the blame of the event onto Luke, a situation in which Luke attempts to push the blame off himself to no avail. When the party reaches Yulia City they run into God-General Asch the Bloody. Asch reveals that Luke is merely a replica of himself, the original "Luke" that was kidnapped by Van seven years ago in order to overturn Yulia's score.

Luke and Asch engage each other in combat, which ends up with Luke being defeated and losing consciousness. When Luke awakes and learns that his friends have deserted him via a telepathic link with Asch, he becomes depressed from the shock of this overwhelming news. Soon after Luke asks Tear for her knife and cuts his hair as a symbol that he is discarding his old self and that he desires to change into a better person. He promises to save the world even if it doesn't make up for his actions that led to Akzeriuth's destruction.

Later on in the game Luke finds his own way to save the world by using his hyperresonance to control the Sephiroth Passage Rings. Gradually the party successfully lowers each piece of the Outer Lands into the Qliphoth before they fall.

One Month Later
After the Outer Lands were successfully lowered Luke returns to his manor in Baticul. A month has gone by since then and Luke decides to keep in contact with his friends. They reunite and begin traveling the world once more. As their journey continues, Luke and his friends discover that the world wasn’t completely saved by their actions. Replicas begin to wander the streets and miasma pours back into the Outer Lands. These replicas have no place to go but the peculiar Tower of Rem.

Luke concludes that in order to save the world, ten thousand lives and Seventh Fonist's life must be lost. The replicas, who have endured the pain of being brought back to life willingly offer themselves up as a sacrifice.

Luke travels to the top of the Tower of Rem with the replicas convincing himself that he has no reason to exist and by living he is denying Asch the life he should be living. His friends try to prove him wrong but Luke sticks to his decision. He starts to cast an amplified hyperessonance to absorb the world's miasma, but realizes that he doesn't want to die yet. Asch is forced to step in and help Luke remove the miasma since Luke's efforts were not enough. Both him and Luke become trapped in the energy field while it disappears, but the two of them are still alive. Due to both of their actions, both the miasma and the replicas are gone.

Slowly Breaking Down
Even though the miasma is gone the fate of the world still hangs in the balance. Van Grants revives the once destroyed city of Hod, now called Eldrant, and plans to use it to destroy the world and create a new age of replicas.

Luke and company conclude that they must stop this from happening and fast. Because of the event on the Tower of Rem, Luke's body became weakened. The Seventh Fonons inside him are pulling apart --- he knows he will face death.

Yearning To Live
Luke eventually reaches Eldrant but he soon falls through a trap door into a huge, sealed-off room. There he finds Asch who has found a way to escape. The door that Asch found requires one person to stay behind, holding it open using hyperressonance. Luke willingly volunteers to stay, telling Asch that he would be able to defeat Van with more ease since he is the original. Asch is displeased at Luke's decision and he can't permit Luke to decide who is the stronger one. Luke and Asch engage in a battle that will determine who is stronger and will be allowed to move forward and defeat Van.

Luke claims victory and Asch holds the door open for him. Soon after Asch is killed by an Oracle Knight replica. Asch gives Luke his remaining power in his final moments of life, thus allowing him to perform what is known as a Second Order hyperressonace.

Luke defeats Van with the help of his friends, frees Lorelei, and saves the world. Luke catches Asch's dead body and both of them are surrounded in a blinding light.

One year later Luke is presumed to be dead. He was said to be either killed in the demolition of Eldrant or worn out because of his separating Seventh Fonons.

Surprisingly, on the night of his Coming of Age Ceremony or twentieth birthday, a man who appears to be Luke inexplicably reappears in Tataroo Valley and reunites with his friends after being separated from them for a year.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Playable Character

Both Luke and Tear apppear in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology as playable characters. His class is a Swordsman and he carries the Duke's Son title.

According to the game, both Luke and Tear came to Terresia by the way of a hyperresonance reaction, likewise to how they were wisked away to Malkuth's Tataroo Valley in Tales of the Abyss. Like during his pre-Akzeriuth days in the original game he is very self-centered, although he begins to become less narcissistic as the game progresses.

During the ending of the game Luke and Tear are able to peform another hyperrresonance reaction, which teleports them back home.

Tales of VS.

Playable Character

Similar to his position in the original game, Luke is the prince of the Kingdom of Niddhog and acts just like he did pre-Akzeriuth due to him being brought up as a spoiled prince who never had to face any of the hardships or problems in the outside world.

He was forced to join the Yggdrassil Battle as a part of Niddhog's rite of succession. Just like in Tales of the Abyss, once Luke realizes he is a replica of Asch, he decides to change and cut his hair.