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Hubert Ozwell

Tales of Graces

Playable Character

While his last name is Ozwell, Hubert was orginally from the Lhant family. As Asbel's younger brother, Hubert would always have to follow Asbel around, even when this would get him in trouble. While the two brothers went out on a trek to Lhant Hill, they encounter a strange woman which they soon discovered had amnesia. His older brother Asbel named her Sophie after the flowers she was found in.

The Day That Would Change Everything
While exploring a secret underground passage under Lhant that Asbel discoveres, he is knocked unconcious by a monster, and the events that followed drastically changed Asbel's personality and made him leave his family to become a knight. Fearing Asbel would become a bad influence on Hubert, they gave him up to the Ozwells, a wealthy family from the neighboring kingdom of Strata. Every since then Hubert looked down upon his older brother.