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Asbel Lhant

Tales of Graces

Playable Character / Main Protagonist

One day during Asbel's childhood, him and Hubert decide to explore a flower field in a mountain nearby their hometown, Lhant. When they go to the field they saw a purple-haired girl sleeping in the field and introduce themselves after she awakens. They come to figure out she has lost her memories and decide to name her Sophie, the same name as the flowers in the flower field.

Tragedy Strikes
Soon after meeting Sophie, Asbel decides to explore the capital city of Windol with Richard, Cheria, Hubert and Sophie, but Richard is nowhere to be found. While Asbel is waiting he accidentally discovers a secret underground cavern beneath the city, which the group decides to explore. They find Richard lying on the ground, and while the group is tending to his wounds, a monster suddenly appears and attacks Hubert and Cheria, rending them unconscious. In a state of fury he launches an attack towards the monster and is severely wounded, but is saved at the last moment by Sophie.

Sophie becomes enveloped in a bright light and launches an attack on the monster just as Asbel blacks out. Sophie wakes up Asbel and begins to help him get on his feet, but the monster stabs Sophie from behind in the back in its last moments. Instead of releasing blood, Sophie's wound releases energy. As she runs towards the monster she becomes enveloped in a flash of purple light and completely destroys the monster in the process.

I Want to Become Stronger
Later, Asbel awakens and finds himself in his own bed at his house. Aston, his father, visits him and explains that Hubert has been moved to Strata and that Sophie died in the cave. Shocked by this news, Asbel leaves the Lhant territory in order to train in the Knights' Training Academy in Windol so he can become stronger and protect everyone who he holds dear to his heart.

Years Later...
At the start of the game Asbel is training under his instructor, Malik Caesars. The two meet Cheria on their way back from a mission, who tells Asbel that his mother has sent him a letter, along with the news that his father had passed away. Asbel decides to give up becoming a knight and decides to go back to the Lhant territory to become the next Lord.